'Less' is the first project by new band, Norton Disney. Inspired by a desire to move away from complex arrangements & electronic sounds, this album is a return to simpler times - not to say that the odd synth doesn't put in an appearance here & there; there is, of course, a place for everything - but mainly the album is a more traditional two guitars, bass, drums, vocals approach.

Don't let that fool you into thinking it's all going to sound the same - far from it. There's as much variety here as you could wish for; from the clunky, recorded-in-a-bedroom sound at the beginning of 'Weightless' the chorus arrives with ear-bending authority. 'Vanilla Sky' is a piano-driven ballad; 'Listen' is a thought-provoking hark back to the love-in days of the 60s; 'Monday' & 'Chemical Dependence' are almost punk songs; 'Darkness' is pure prog rock, and 'Free Spirit' you can make your own mind up on. 'Lullaby' is a slow dreamer which makes you want to play the whole thing over again.

For all its variety, this never sounds like a disparate collection of songs, it's a coherent piece from a serious songwriting team. Even in its thrashier moments, melodies still count for everything.
(Preston Crowmarsh - 2006)

We couldn't have put it better ourselves. Welcome to Norton Disney's little bit of space on the good ol' interweb. Just a quick introduction here, then you can head off to the Info page to get more details of who we are & what we're doing; and listen to our tracks on the Jukebox player.

Here's a quick 'who's who' just to get you started...

Norton Disney
- the band :-
Norton Disney - guitar, keyboards & vocals
Fenny Drayton - bass & vocals
Ash Thomas - guitar & vocals
Martin Dales - drums & vocals

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